Additional Starting Links

Hello comics pals! Here are a few links to add to the collection of links Glyn passed out. (All links open in a new window)

Glyn mentioned as a good general comics website. Other good blogs I’d point you in the direction of would be and was good, but they’re currently on hiatus, and is another page that’s been closed to new content, but has some good things in the archives which may be of interest/use. is a personal favourite. This is the website of comic book writer Warren Ellis, not to be confused with the member of Nick Cave’s band. He always has really interesting links, both comic-related and not. If you’re just interested in his comics chat, that’s here:

One topic he has discussed at length, which has particular relevance to this class, is the future of comics consumption and distribution. A couple good posts to start with: The Broadcast Of Comics, A Collection Of Rambling On The Subject Of Digital Comics, DC And Digital Comics Strategies, and A Few Notes On Marvel Comics’ Digital Strategy.

With Avatar Press, Warren worked on a web series called Freakangels. Avatar really wanted to engage the readers of the series, so they set up a message board, WhiteChappel, that would be curated and moderated by those involved in the writing, art and design of the comic. Topics weren’t restricted to the comic, and often the talk was about comics in general, as well as art, culture, politics, etc. A regular feature was something called “Remake/Remodel”, where Ellis took an established character, boiled their essence down to a line or two, and then asked people to re-imagine them solely on the description he gave. Three of my favourites were: Fantastic 4, Dr. Who and Black Orchid. When Freakangels ended, Avatar started a new web series, written by Si Spurrier, and the reigns of WhiteChappel were handed to him.

I’m sure there are many more sites we’re both missing, so if there are any you can think of or want me to add, drop a link in the comments and I’ll add them in! I’ve got some more links coming your way soon that I hope you’ll like and find useful.


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