Smash It Up Comic [Updated]

As previously mentioned, I am part of an all-women comic collective called Team Girl Comic. This morning, we got a very interesting email that I wanted to pass along. If you’re a female interested in getting her work published in an edited anthology (or know someone who is), read on!

[Update 26/03: The comic is now going to be called Smash It Up and the new contact email is There have also been some changes to the organizing committee, which now consists of:

Gill Hatcher – Editor of Team Girl Comic, a Glasgow collective of women
comic artists, and an active member of the small press comics scene.

Linsay Powell – Comics journalist at with
business planning and finance experience.

Laura Sneddon – Comics journalist for The Independent and SciFi Now, is, and has Waterstones influence.

With Dr Chris Murray, comics lecturer at Dundee University, playing the
role of Obi-Wan Kenobi, ie our advisor!

We will be expanding the committee
shortly and welcome suggestions, and wish those leaving the best of luck
with their other work.]

From Gordon Robertson:

This email is being sent to around 80 creators by email, around another 10 via the submission form on their websites and hopefully forwarded on by some of you, so for those who haven’t received it directly please reply to

I’ll cut to the chase then…there’s the opportunity to ask questions later!

I want to create a UK version of Womanthology!

If anyone doesn’t know what Womanthology is, it’s a US Kickstarter project, a comic book with all writing and art created by women. tells you something about it and you can google loads more. This is one of those ideas that I couldn’t believe wasn’t already happening!

It has been massively successful collecting over 400% of its original target and also being picked by a major publisher – IDW. I see no reason why we can’t replicate that success here in the UK. The role of women in comics has never had a higher profile and now is the perfect time to take advantage of that.

Basic model would be a collection of stories written by women and drawn by women. Content, style and theme to be decided once we have things moving.

All profits to go to charity. I’m not in this to make money. Hopefully we raise enough to make sure everyone involved gets paid but other than that, every penny raised will go to an appropriate charity.

This is very much an email sounding out interest in the project, if you think it is viable and if it something worth doing. I do, on both counts. If you know any female comic folk out there that you think that would like to involved then please forward this on to them. If this means you end up getting multiple copies of this email, then that just shows that there’s a lot of people out there thinking of you! There were a few people I couldn’t get contact details for so I know that I haven’t got everyone and there are bound to be quite a few who I don’t know of too.

And if there is any doubt, I’m not a woman! My role would be to bring this altogether and as the token male it will make a change for it to be that way round! I want to promote diversity in comics to as wide an audience as possible and this is the first step in doing that.

If this is a success then it will allow us to look at  creating other anthologies, perhaps a LGBT set, a collection of stories from disabled creators and a collection from creators from as wide an ethnic background as possible. That’s all for the future though.

The plan is to get as many people involved in this as possible, from someone like Posy Simmonds all the way down to my ten year old niece who thinks she may like to write comics. Whether it’s ten page script or just a drawing for an online gallery, we can make room for everyone! Not all of you are comic creators, but you are all involved in comics in some way and you can all play a part in making this the most important comic release of the year!

This is not a plan to create an indie title to be taken round the Comic Cons, it’s my intention to produce something that looks, and is, every bit as professional as anything you can buy in the mainstream. I want to see this on the shelves of Waterstones and in the listings of Amazon. You know, the sort of thing that they have panels about at places like Kapow.

So first thing is to email me back – you can let me know if you’re interested and happy to be included on our mailing list, or of you would like to hear more, but prefer to keep your address private for the moment, or if you’d rather not be involved.

My only request would be that you keep this, for the moment, as private as we can. That will allow us to make a big announcement about and maximise publicity. Hence the codename ‘Project Boudica.’ I do like a codename…

As for me – I’m the writer of the ‘critically acclaimed’ webcomic  and the founder of the Glasgow League of Writers, one of whom is Gill Hatcher head honcho of Team Girl comics and who, I hope, can vouch for my intentions! You can find me on twitter @slackergordon and on Facebook too. There you may find the occasional mention of Project Lazarus and Project Joey. I did tell you that I do like a codename.

I know there will be a lot of questions, and that’s fine, ask away. Happy to answer any questions and don’t hold back on anything – I have nothing to hide!

I look forward to hearing from you all.



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