Smash It Up Comic [Updated]

As previously mentioned, I am part of an all-women comic collective called Team Girl Comic. This morning, we got a very interesting email that I wanted to pass along. If you’re a female interested in getting her work published in an edited anthology (or know someone who is), read on!

[Update 26/03: The comic is now going to be called Smash It Up and the new contact email is There have also been some changes to the organizing committee, which now consists of:

Gill Hatcher – Editor of Team Girl Comic, a Glasgow collective of women
comic artists, and an active member of the small press comics scene.

Linsay Powell – Comics journalist at with
business planning and finance experience.

Laura Sneddon – Comics journalist for The Independent and SciFi Now, is, and has Waterstones influence.

With Dr Chris Murray, comics lecturer at Dundee University, playing the
role of Obi-Wan Kenobi, ie our advisor!

We will be expanding the committee
shortly and welcome suggestions, and wish those leaving the best of luck
with their other work.]

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